Google Adwords MCC – Link to & Manage Multiple Adwords Accounts | My Client Center

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Google Adwords Manager Accounts (MCC) Are a Great Way to Manage Multiple Adwords Clients in A Single Location. The ‘My Client Center’ Dashboard Allows You to Easily Link to Multiple Accounts as an Adwords Consultant.

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  1. Hey Ryan, thanks for the vid – pretty cool. I need your help with this (" you can't create a billing setup because this manager account isn't linked to a payment profile) error message I got while trying to set up my MCC account.

    This comes up every time I click on "Billing Setup".

    Looking forward to your reply,

    Kind regards,

  2. I'm thinking about hiring a virtual assistant to manage my AdWords shopping smart campaigns. I just wanted to find out what user permissions do you recommend that I give them or not give them based on the work that they would do. I would have them going in adjusting budget and scaling my campaigns based on what I tell them to do. Great video thanks a lot

  3. Hello Ryan, I am in an extreme confusion. Hope you will me help me out of this.

    Situation: I have a client who has granted GA access to my email ID. The client has an AdWords account set up from another email ID.

    Q1: How can I Link the AdWords account from another email ID with my email ID to which GA access is granted?

    Q2: How can I set goals and conversion tracking?

    Thank you very much.

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