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  1. My main interest in the PCjr stems from that it was the first computer that King's Quest ran on, but recently I became interested in the graphics and sound hardware. So I understand the PCjr was released before EGA graphics cards for PCs, but of course the PCjr had the same or similar level of colour(and I understand the graphics hardware was in the motherboard). The sound(Texas Instruments SN76496) was of course superior to PC Speaker bleep-sound, though not at the level of later Adlib sound hardware. I know that Apple II computers had the "mockingboard" sound card extentions around this time and the Tandy 1000 computer, released just after PCjr, had sound hardware similar to PCjr's TI SN76496.

  2. it looks powerful to be in 1984. Usually i would think of something with a black screen with green, orange or white text. It looks like a NES and sounds like one with its beautiful 8 bit sound. The machine looks profetional. I bought a white chromebook to resemble this machine and i might paint my keyboard keys to look like yours.

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